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We build long-term partnerships with thoughtfully selected clients and implement our in-house methodology to ensure measurable growth – every single time.

…and start growing your business today.

Flagship services

You can have all the knowledge, but if those who could benefit from it can’t find you - your skills won’t bring you any revenue. If prospects see your website looks like a random free WordPress theme… You won’t earn anyone’s trust.

A high-end website shows that you aren’t just another one…but the one.

If anyone knows the importance of first impressions, that’s you. You help people get their confidence back. You let your patients win people over by smiling at them… And your website is your online smile. It makes people like you, builds trust and makes your prospect approach you.

Leave a sparkling impression on everyone who visits your site.

As a podiatrist, you help others get the most out of their lives and leave the pain behind. But to relieve more pain, you need to reach more people and scale your business. And a high-end website is the foundation of your digital growth.

Highly automated conversion sales funnels provide perfect UX on every step.

Esthetic surgery is more than making people look better. Your work helps people improve their health habits, overcome challenges, and look as they feel. Those aren't strictly aesthetic problems, but you still solve them. Your new website will have the same effect.

It won’t only make your business more visible; it’ll shape its future.

Working on yourself gives special inner satisfaction. Helping people do that causes a similar feeling. We know because our websites help businesses in your industry reach their full potential.

Social media is cool, but you can’t scale without a trustworthy website.

Fighting for a bigger cause is worth every admiration. But we don’t want to just admire you. We want to help you change more lives by showing your mission to the world and the world-class website is one of the best tools to do that.

People don’t follow those they don’t know. You need strong online presence and authority.

Combining astonishing design with top-notch marketing techniques ensures your company’s success. High-end website solutions are entirely tailor-made to suit your specific needs and business requirements. Our websites are not only visually appealing and interactive; they are state of the art, highly automated conversion sales funnels. With world-class experience and automation, our solutions generate the results you deserve.

Astonishing design with top-notch functionalities and automation.

We create advanced and highly automated webshop solutions, relying on the best practices and know-how we gained on countless international projects over the past decade. We have established extensive partnerships with market leaders in ERP, CRM, and other automation and resource optimization systems to meet all of the retail and wholesale requirements.

Architectured by industry-leading professionals.

The Webshop leasing service allows you to make an initial investment, and pay for the rest in monthly instalments. The entire leasing period includes priority support and maintenance of the webshop. Instalment payments are defined within the stipulated period, depending on the complexity and total value of the project.

The ultimate turnkey solution for serious e-commerce.


International expansion with measurable, predictable growth
Business niches
Health & food
Business Coaches and Consultants
Industry 4.0

Our culture


Compromise-free Service

Our approach is strictly professional and compromise-free. We nurture long-terms business partnerships with our clients and our knowledge and experience provide added value to their business.

Fair Pitch Fees

Our agency has standard pitch fees for every project type. Creating concepts, ideas and marketing strategies is a business we take very seriously and to which we devote all of our creative resources.

We value your business, your time and your money. Because of that, we want to ensure that we pour our heart and soul into every pitch. Fair pitch fees are one of the main components of business culture and allow us to compensate for our time and resources. Pitch fees are prerequisite for the establishment of trust, respect and successful long-term cooperation.
project budget

Project Budget

There is always a budget. Defining the project budget is a crucial first step. Prospects sometimes avoid discussing the budget in the initial meeting, which is the biggest mistake they can make. Aligning the budget with the project scope is a prerequisite for successful projects and satisfied clients.

Having the information about the budget, allows us to advise you about the best-suited solution and help you channel your resources in achieving your goals.

If you don’t have a predefined budget and need help determining it, book a professional consultation with an experienced pricing and budgeting expert.
project budget
project offer

Project Offer

A meeting on which we define project scope and goals is a necessary prerequisite for creating an offer. For more complex projects offers, there is a symbolic fee that is deducted from full project price in case of acceptance.
project offer
audits and consultations

Audits & Consultations

The initial/introductory meeting is free of charge. Additional project meetings, audits and consultations are charged according to the agency's pricelist.
audits and consultations
outside office hours

Outside Office Hours

Support outside standard office hours and urgent assistance is subject to an additional charge, according to the agency´s pricelist.

Partners under arranged support are subject to contract prices.
outside office hours

Time Management

We understand that time is everyone's most valuable asset, so we don't like to waste it.

We'll always strive to respect your time, and we kindly ask you to do the same for us.

Support & Project Communication

Our primary communication channel for all requests, inquiries and reporting is e-mail. We love social networks, chats and friendly phonecalls, however for all business inquiries, arrangements, project tasks, consultations, offer acceptances, etc. we insist on official e-mail communication.
turnkey solution

TurnKey Solution & Support

MAOIO is a growth marketing agency focused on turnkey solutions for our partners. It implies digital audit, budgeting, strategy planning, business consultation and project delivery. Throughout the project lifecycle we provide proactive and constant support in order to achieve our marketing goals.

We are a customer-centric agency with the highest standards in respecting deadlines and ensuring project quality.
turnkey solution


We are paid for the results we deliver. Agency prices reflect our dedication, professional standards and highest quality services.

Every project is delivered by highly educated agency experts. We are highly focused on performance quality, delivery speed and post-project support.
late payments

Late Payments

We are focused on the highest project quality and respecting deadlines. We expect the same from our partners and clients - respecting defined payment deadlines for our services.
late payments
every client matters

Every Client Matters

We dedicate our resources compromise-free, no matter to project scope, budget and value.

Nurturing long-term relationships with satisfied clients is our biggest success. We are especially pleased to see our partners´ businesses grow with our support.
every client matters
international experience

Rich International Experience

TOURISM: tourist agencies, hotels, hostels, camping, glamping, villas, holiday homes, apartments, yacht charter, charter, tourist tours, AIO experience

E-COMMERCE: cosmetics, healthy food, floristry, protective clothing and equipment, sports equipment, consumer electronics, professional electronics, car parts, handicrafts, furniture, home decoration, boat sales, multi-vendor stores, press

PRODUCTION: cosmetics, domestic food manufacturers, handicrafts, protective clothing and equipment, sports equipment, consumer electronics, professional electronics, furniture

HEALTH: dentistry, dental tourism

TRANSPORT: shipping, local transportation and logistics

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES: Industry 4.0, ERP systems, CMS systems, mobile applications, SaaS applications, maintenance of information services, graphics services and print preparation, illustration, 3D modeling and animation, UX / UI design, web application development, website development, e-commerce solutions and more.
international experience


Our main focus is building high-quality business relations and partnerships. Instead of collecting clients like Pokemons, we prefer to focus our attention and dedicate our resources exclusively to fewer carefully selected clients and business partners.

We are the agency for you, if:

  • You want to skyrocket your business
  • You are looking for a long-term business partner that is capable of supporting you through all of your business activities
  • You don’t settle for compromises when it comes to running and growing your business
  • You are passionate about your project and want an equally passionate partner who shares your enthusiasm
  • You are open-minded and ready for out-of-the-box thinking


We prefer to showcase our skills with results instead of words. As a highly experienced and data-driven growth marketing agency, we don’t settle for compromises.

Check out our case studies here and see the results we accomplished for our partners and clients!

Client testimonials

We hired Maoio agency for copywriting services. The whole team is great, friendly, easygoing, and they respect the deadlines. They adapted to us and used our collaboration tool for project tracking in order to make the whole process more efficient and easier for everyone. We are extremely pleased with this cooperation and the quality of the blog posts, we recommend them to anyone who wants to improve their website content.

Krešimir Čižmek
Head of Marketing at

The experience of working with Maoio agency is entirely positive and is a real example of professionally done work. Thanks to the effortless and pleasant communication, the cooperation is very successful. Their innovative approach and advice helped us a lot in designing and developing our ideas. The result of this cooperation is a modern and interactive website that is fully aligned with our vision.


Trgovina Krk d.d.

Great team! We had excellent cooperation, I would definitely recommend them!

Footer logo@2x
Denis G.

They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. There’s nothing they don’t know about websites and digital marketing and their straight-talking and outcome-focused approach to work are inspiring.

Arian Čorlukić

The team is really great! I can say that they managed to save my website at the “last minute”. Very up to date, correct and accurate. You can see that they know what they’re doing. And I would recommend them to anyone.

Nena Obrovac

In MAOIO AGENCY we have found a professional partner who always sees the bigger picture, even if that means more work for them. Achieving partners’ strategic goals come first to their minds. MAOIO AGENCY has encouraged us when we had not been motivated. We warmly recommend MAOIO AGENCY to everyone!

Mario Kunić

Top service. I have a webshop that works 24/7 with constant traffic and has never stopped for a second thanks to the guys who are constantly ready for any interventions. Team A!

davor ujčić
Davor Ujcic

I have been working with Maoio agency for years and I have only words of praise! In addition to the quality, enthusiasm and speed they show every time, the Maoio team is constantly working to improve the service and improve its customer rating. Go for it!

srđan hulak
Srđan Hulak

Working with the boys and girls from Maoio was great. They are always available for information and assistance, even after our collaboration has formally ended. They are very creative! They show that they really love their job, they improve in it and meet the client’s needs to the maximum. Bravo and thank you!

Marijana Kušan

The team is great and we clicked from day one. At the first meeting, they explained to me for two hours how digital marketing works and together we looked for the best solution for my business. They are honest and experts in their field. They know how to explain how things work. The results? Increase in sales unlike ever before. Well done and thank you!

dostava-plina-gmb-profile-image V2
Nikola Galović

Great team, professionals, they know what they are doing and solve all problems extremely quickly!!

Andrea Zvorc

Well done! You are great! We are very satisfied with your service. Fast and reliable, I highly recommend it!

poliklinika gostović
Saša Gostović

Great team! Very flexible and attentive. They will tell you their honest opinion in order to achieve or get closer to the desired result in the end. If you are looking for a professional approach and expertise – THIS IS IT!

Davor Kolenc

Great team!

Jura Petricevic

Super fast and quality service!

Footer logo@2x
Rene Gallo

Excellent, fast and efficient cooperation! I would highly recommend it!

Antonio Erceg

An agency that radiates trust, professionalism and efficiency. Great professionals who know their job. I recommend them to everyone, you will not be disappointed. Well done, guys!

paola bekić
Paola Bekić

Great team! They always respect deadlines.

Footer logo@2x
Dario Coric

Great team that does cool things. 🙂

pero furdek
Pero Furdek

I would like to praise the entire MAOIO digital agency team, their professionalism, vast knowledge and expertise, but also their accessibility, willingness to listen to the client, advise him and help him through a detailed analysis of all aspects when it comes to web advertising! Thank you guys so much, you are the best! See you again soon!

Footer logo@2x
Nela Božan

Professional and friendly staff, experts in their field.

Alexander Sabljak

Kudos to colleagues from Maoio digital agency. I am very satisfied with our cooperation, their efficiency and creativity.

Iva Sekulic

Honest and fun guys. And beyond all that honesty and fun lays a great understanding of clients needs and enough knowledge and practice to come up with the right strategies and tactics to make it happen. Go ahead, test their services in practice.

funky marketing
Nemanja Zivkovic

Every recommendation for Maoio, we had great cooperation, the team is fast and extremely responsive, the arrangements are thorough and simple.

etno motiv
Ivana Hađina

A great team of people who know what they’re doing and help solve any problem very quickly.

nikola grbin
Nikola Grbin

Awesome atmosphere, people who know their stuff without being overwhelmingly tech-y. They always find a proper metaphor or example to explain stuff you are not familiar with 😀

branko šerić
Branko Šerić

Really great experience! Fast response to my questions and always NEW ideas for further development!

Mia Soskic

The team from the Maoio Agency is the most comfortable and professional support I have received in my career. Professional, responsive, listening to my needs, able to adapt quickly, open and with a lot of knowledge.

matea pavlović
Matea Pavlović

The best website developers, with whom we have been cooperating since our beginnings. They always create exactly what we want, and even better, they are always available, on weekdays and weekends, they respond quickly to requests and actively suggest how to optimize our webshop.

jedem doma
Željka Maras

I took one-time consulting services from Maoio agency regarding the launch of the marketplace platform in the domestic and foreign markets. I have only words of praise, Filip (owner) has helped me in many segments with his advice and experience and offered a number of valuable contacts…

lucian tutunović
Lucian Tutunović

They have incredible knowledge in the field of digital marketing. They are the only agency that has given me constructive advice on how to reclaim a Facebook page after a hacker attack. Usually, when choosing an agency, the way I communicate with their team is very important to me, so eventhough they are in another country, my choice is them: kind, professional and fast.

Sabina Jovićević

I can’t praise this agency enough for their professionalism, speed and expertise in migrating our website to their hosting. Everything went smoothly and without problems, with expert guidance, useful instructions and pleasant phone conversations 🙂 Thank you guys, you are great! We love working with you.

Marijan Kudrna

One of the best digital agencies I have ever worked with. Ready to work, always accurate, precise and extremely creative. Always available to partners and clients. Their work is extremely professional and detailed. Well done!

Nenad Hervatin

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